These are slides taken on various trips, excursions, from our wedding and one of my brothers girlfriends .They are posted without benefit of editing.

The Israel slides are from 1980 when I went to Israel with my mother.

The Africa slides are from June 1991

 The Sailing slides range from the late 70's to the early 80's

The California slides are from the late 70's

The wedding slides are from November 1990

Slides 1

Sailing in Naragansett - Fourth of July Party


Slides 2

Wedding Slides - Halloween Party - Isreal - Early Rembrandt's


Slides 3

Family Pictures - Halloween Party


Slides 4

Jere's Pictures - Possibly Teluride


Slides 5

Africa - California




Jan 40th Birthday Party -


Old Pictures

Jan and Joann's Old Pictures